I was introduced to yoga in high school where it was used as an informal warm up practice for ballet and contemporary dance classes. I never really thought of it as yoga at the time, but I came to miss it and attended my first formal class during my third year of university in an attempt to restore the physical fulfilment I used to get from dance classes. I was hooked from that very first class and maintained a practice during university holidays by watching yoga videos.  My first few years as a yoga student were facilitated by the most wonderful teachers from gyms and studios all around the world. Each one provided an opportunity for me to get to know a different side of myself that really grounded me during a time where everything else around me seemed to change so rapidly. I came to learn that there was so much more to yoga than the physical practice of asana and it very quickly turned into a regular ritual that provided a great sense of freedom and joy. It then seemed natural to take on a teacher training course in 2016 so that I could share the experience with others.

Sarah-Jane teaches to share the freedom and joy that she gets from yoga, so her classes are fun, light-hearted and upbeat while simultaneously nurturing for both the mind and body. Her classes are suitable for all levels and you will leave feeling refreshed and inspired.