I have been tangling myself up into the craziest knots and binds for the past 10 years and I realize that there’s nothing wrong with being a little twisted, “the juice is definitely worth the squeeze“.

Yoga has given me so much from my life and it continues to generously keep the lessons flowing, and as a teacher I love being able to introduce this exquisite way of growth and evolution to those that I have the privilege of meeting.

I have experimented with many different styles and have studied under a number of local and international teachers who have touched me deeply and whose teachings will always be imprinted in my heart.
My personal journey has allowed me the honor of studying under a great healer and yoga teacher Ana Forrest, who has brought me to an understanding of myself and life, I hope to touch on this in my teachings and bring healing to your soul as mine has been healed.

My passion is to guide others to feeling their spirit and hopefully the realization of their own true voice.

I love getting my hands stuck in and touching with loving intention, my hands on approach to adjusting is a way of connecting to body, breath and feeling rather than thinking and analyzing, so you might be lucky enough to enjoy some yoga massage while sweating your way through my class.


My style of teaching often tends to take students to their edge of intensity, giving you the opportunity to play with your scary places and even get familiar with a few hidden fears, whether emotional or physical, when we start to become familiar with these “quit points” that’s when growth and achievements begin to happen, expanding your practice on your mat and shining brighter in your life is the end result.


My mission to you is to do my best to be as inspiring as I have been inspired.


May you walk in beauty and straight on in to class.





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