My dream growing up was to become a ballet teacher. I loved to dance! But as I grew older, the competition grew stronger and the constant need to be the perfect ballerina began to take a massive toll on me. I became obsessed with my weight and my self-esteem took a dive because I was never tall enough or thin enough or supple enough. So I quit. All that pressure immediately lifted off my shoulders but the dancer in me was devastated.

Life carried on and years later, a friend of mine asked me to attend a yoga class with her. I knew nothing about yoga and having grown up in a strong Christian family, I thought that the Hindu practice would be incompatible with my beliefs. I went with her nonetheless and realised I was completely wrong – it was definitely not incompatible with my beliefs. If anything, it was the complete opposite. I discovered that my yoga practice brought me the same joy as dancing but even more so because there was no demand to perform and there was no pressure to be perfect. After practicing for a few years I knew I had to become a yoga teacher. I did my teacher training at Yoga Warrior in 2017 and it changed my life. I learned how to deepen my own practice and through that I am able to impart my love for yoga onto my students.

My classes offer sequences with variations for all levels but my ultimate intention is to allow my students to experience a quiet place of stillness and the benefits of living in the moment, leaving them feeling calm yet energised.