In 2008, finding myself floundering in the deep end of parenthood, I took the advice of a good friend and hooked myself up with a yoga class. The spaciousness those precious hours on the mat brought to my cluttered life quickly became not only indispensable but deeply cherished.

Yoga soon began to heal the physical injuries I’d brought to the mat. I’ve never been an especially spiritual person but when my yoga practice began to facilitate the healing of my emotional injuries my practice became so much more than stretching and breathing. 

So it came to be that in 2015 I completed the Yoga Warrior Teacher Training...and life was never the same again. 

From the heart of this Jozi girl comes a core and movement-orientated yoga offering. Sprinkles of HIT and animal locomotion woven into traditional Hatha Vinyasa and pranayama make for a fresh yoga experience. Expect intensity. Expect to sweat. Also expect to delve down into draw back the curtains and reveal your already intact wholeness and completion.