Hollie has been practicing yoga for over seven years. Her path to yoga began after suffering from anxiety attacks as a teenager. It was in her fist yoga class she felt a peace and stillness within her mind and body that nothing else had ever brought her.

Hollie has now been teaching for over 7 years. Specialising in Vinyasa and yin/restorative styles of yoga. Through three years of travelling and teaching, meeting and practicing with some of the world’s best teachers, she came to merge her favourite parts of each practice to create a knowledgeable, challenging yet fun teaching style.

Hollie's classes concentrate on linking the breath with movement, leading to a playful, compassionate and challenging flow. She acknowledges that everybody is different and people come to a yoga class wanting to achieve different things. Her main aim is to offer a versatile experience which is both physically and mentally challenging.

Throughout her classes, variations are offered for those who need to work on the stillness and meditation the yoga practice offers us, and more advanced options for those who want a challenge. The overarching purpose of the class is for everyone to leave the room feeling better than when they first entered – because the greatest thing that yoga taught Hollie was to live in the moment, to be happy and to appreciate everything in life.