I discovered hatha yoga at the local gym in 2005 while I was living in the UK, in between being chained to a desk or on a plane every 5 days as part of a hectic corporate existence. Following an intense year of studying as well as losing my father, I had not given myself the time or space to recover from these life-altering events before being thrust headlong into a new job which was depleting me, and in discovering yoga my time on the mat became my sacrosanct salvation, as it was here I began to reconnect with and rediscover myself. 

Yoga soon permeated every aspect of my life, from regaining health and vitality to rebuilding me emotionally and spiritually. I completed the Yoga Warrior Teacher Training in 2008 after moving back to Joburg, never intending to teach but immersing myself in all things yoga – attending workshops and retreats wherever and whenever I could. Yoga formed a key part of my sport training to tackle extreme marathons and high-altitude mountaineering while offering mental clarity and tools to manage the stress of a demanding day job.  

My yoga journey has since brought me to owning and redefining Yoga Warrior while playing a pivotal role in my becoming a mother as I stepped away from the high-flying life and started to listen to my inner voice about what was important to me. It is this nurturing quality of yoga and having experienced the benefits first-hand that have propelled me into teaching, focusing on pre-and post-natal yoga, alongside assisting sportspeople build strength and endurance to complement various activities.

My classes will challenge you and help develop your practice while creating a space for you to breathe and reconnect with yourself. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, my classes will work you physically and help prepare you mentally, allowing you to embrace your body (and soul) with compassion as you tune inwards, learning to respond to what your own needs are.