Abedah is an emerging teacher based in Johannesburg and Pretoria respectively. Her yoga journey began in 2014 and continues to flourish to date. Abedah enjoys yoga as a way of maintaining a healthy body and sound mind. She spent 2 years maintaining her own asana practice before moving on to complete her 300 HR Hatha yoga certification. She has recently completed a 50 HR Yin Yoga certification as well. Abedah is excited to share her perspective on leading a yogic lifestyle with all who seek to know more.

"There is so much to learn from facilitating a space for yogis to safely explore their bodies. As teacher, I am passionate about making yoga accessible for people of all walks of life."

Expect classes with emphasis on safety, easy-to-follow sequencing and modifications of postures - making it an experience for all levels.

"My teaching style continues to evolve as I grow older and expand the modalities used to explore the potential of the human body. I have found roots in trail running, hiking, indoor rock climbing, weight training, slack-lining and AcroYoga. I constantly draw inspiration from my environment as well as other experienced, charismatic teachers who motivate me to continue serving the global community with the gift of yoga.

Body Language is the most honest communication we share with one another. People have the tendency to say what they think you want to hear however, our bodies display the true essence of what is being shared. Watch closely how people look and move within your presence - you will come to know how they truly feel.

​The human experience is my meditation both on and off the mat. Yoga highlights the importance of regularly checking in with your mental, emotional and physical health. To be aware of your energetic frequency is to take responsibility for your mark on the World. It is easier to be aware of others if see yourself honestly and treat yourself with compassion.