YOGA WARRIOR Testimonials

I started going to yoga classes in February 2008 after attending a beginners' workshop at Yoga Warrior. I was hooked from the start, despite the fact that I was unfit, clumsy and utterly without grace. The notion of sucking in the belly while still breathing was utterly alien to me. After several months of perseverance, however, my practice began to improve and I found that I could actually focus more on quieting my mind and less on not falling over.

In September, my world fell apart when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I forced myself to continue going to class through all the tests and consultations with doctors. Yoga became my solace. In the midst of my fear and despair, I found an enormous sense of peace and comfort on my yoga mat. But aside from the emotional benefits, there were physical ones too: because I was fit and strong, I sailed through three rounds of surgery and recovered extremely quickly. I truly believe that yoga helped me to survive and it will remain part of my life forever. Thank you to Clara and all the inspiring teachers at Yoga Warrior.


My beginners deal is coming to an end and it is almost sad, but I do know that I will not stop Yoga ever again in my life.  I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed every single second of every single class!  As you know I am a long distance runner and am used to working hard and breaking a proper sweat.  The morning of the workshop - I remember telling my boyfriend that I am showering prior to the class and can then directly after that go to the mall etc, seeing that I won't even probably sweat...  Well, well...  You saw me - it looked like I have just finished a 21km race.  The odd thing is that I ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY fell in love with yoga!  I now understand when you guys talk about Yoga being part of who you are and that it is a way of life!  I feel so energised after yoga, but yet I sleep like a newborn baby once I fall asleep.  My running improved and I bought a book on yoga - just to read more about this brilliant miracle that exists.

I will have to see exactly how my schedule works for this year's studies and then I will have to see which package will best suit me.  Thank you so much for introducing me to yoga and I truly appreciate your gentle spirit and the welcoming feeling that I got.

Hope to see you soon and regularly.

Mary-Anne Rudolph, Wits Student

I tried yoga to cross train for my running (i.e. stretch, build upper body strength), because I am keen to exercise after dark in Joburg (the only other option for me is the monotony of gym), and as a way to de-stress. Fast forward ten months and I am still enjoying yoga. Did I achieve the above? Yes, and more, e.g. better balance and suppleness, improved body awareness, new friends. I can touch my toes (as a part-time runner!). Yoga is now a necessary part of my life. Do the math. Think outside the box. Do Yoga Warrior.

Francois Gouws, Control Engineer, Sasol

My yoga experience through Yoga Warrior was fantastic. The convenience of having personalised classes at my own home was of immense importance as it fitted into my busy schedule. I also found the experience to be exactly tailored to my needs and ability. I achieved greatly improved flexibility, fitness and peace of mind.

Matt Jack, Investment Banker, Investec

I started practicing yoga when it was introduced in our gym in 2006.  Little did I know then, that I would already be reaping the benefits of this exercise in less than 6 months.  It has developed in me the "can do attitude" (mental strength) along with an ability to create a space of silence, connecting to my inner self even with people around me.

The greatest test of this admission was in the form of climbing Africa's highest point (Mt Kilimanjaro).  I had already been walking for 5 days, covered 52kms from an altitude of 1800m above sea level, when I started on the final summit from a camp of 4600m altitude.  From the very first rocky step above this camp it was evident that I would have to rely more on my mental strength than physical.  Also with each step, gaining altitude, the air was getting thinner.  Thanks to my yoga breath control, inhaling positive energy and exhaling all negativity, I was able to rise above all the challenges I faced and continue on one step at a time.  Seeing people dropping off the climb would have made it easy for me to justify giving up as well, but through my yoga experience. even at its infancy stage, I kept on sending those "I can do it" messages to my brain.  YES at the age of 64, I did make it to the top on the 28th September 2006! 

When people ask me what I'll be doing with my time when I retire next year I tell them that I will be practicing YOGA.

Nandi Mokhele, Liberty Life

I came to Clara's Yoga Warrior beginner class as a complete novice having never done a downward facing dog before. Almost a year later of semi regular attendance I still don't experience the dog as a resting position, but I can survive an intermediate class. I enjoy the meditative quality and quiet exertion of Clara's classes and appreciate her calm, interactive teaching style.

Melinda Shaw , Editor, Heat Magazine

Since I have been doing yoga classes with internationally trained yoga instructor Clara Simper, I feel marvelous. I sleep better at night, I am able to perform better at work as I am more alert. I find with the stresses of work and traffic, Clara's Yoga lessons relax me, my spirits are high and it certainly improves my mood. I find the different yoga poses help stretch different parts of my body such as my back. My hands have also become stronger and my legs feel stretched and relaxed. Thanks Clara for being so great and patient and for helping me feel good about myself.

Nondumiso Skosana, Research Consultant, Woodburn Mann