Part 3 – Hatha Breathing Practices and Yoga Nidra – 2 hours

This science has provides us with the blessing of providing us with specific techniques to learn how to manage our lives depending on where we are at. The importance is first to be able to learn about where you are at with your breath so that based on you, then you can start to retain, expand and hold your breath based on your own depth. Therefore you will learn more about your unique breath and how to start to expand your breath in a systematic manner.

You will also learn specific breathing practices that serve in the space of balancing yourself, re-energizing yourself, calming yourself down and what to do in times of anxiety and depression.

We will continue to move deeper in the Yoga Nidra practice as you start to unpack your subconscious on a deeper level, but with awareness and respect.

  • Learn balancing, revitalizing and calming breathing practices that work with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • Learn quick and effective tools to do anywhere and anytime.
Deepen your Yoga Nidra experience and learn how to create a space of achieving your goals.