1. Part 1 – Hatha Yoga Postures and Yoga Nidra – 2 hours

This module is about reconnecting to your physical form through the process of asking questions and being curious as to what your body is communicating with you through specific asanas (postures). The asana sequence will embody a variety of postures so as to check in where you are at on an emotional, mental and physical level.

Yoga Nidra is known as “psychic sleep.” It is the state of awareness as your brainwaves are moving away from active thinking into relaxation. Yoga Nidra helps rest your body and relax your mind so you can have less hours of sleep yet feel more energetic and awake. This practice forms part of the Pratyahara processes that was given to us by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and helps withdraw the senses from the external world. With that being said, this process forms part of the beginning stages of meditation as it helps you work through unconscious memories and guides you into making friends with your mind by releasing mental tensions. This is an ideal preparation for deeper meditation where you are asked to sit for longer periods of time and in a state of stillness and steadiness where your mental body is no longer an area of tension.

  • Learn specific forward bending and back bending to help you with anxiety, depression how to shift your energy levels.
  • Experience a yoga sequence that will serve you in reconnecting with your body more effectively.
  • Walk away with a daily practice that will help you manage your life.
  • Learn more about Yoga Nidra from a theoretical perspective so that you understand the importance of this practice and when you start to experience this science, you will have a deeper awareness and connection to this process