Are you looking to take your yoga practice to a deeper level? Would you like to explore the path of becoming a yoga teacher? Join our Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Warrior's 2017 internationally accredited YOGA Teacher Training in Johannesburg, South Africa is due to commence on Friday 24th March 2017.

*** Email if you are interested in signing up***

Yoga Warrior hosts a Yoga Alliance Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Programme with its distinctive flowing style of Vinyasa yoga with attention to the alignment of the body. You will learn how to teach creative, interesting and knowledge-filled yoga classes. You will evolve into a yoga teacher that teaches from the heart with ease and confidence; students will learn your own personal expression of the influence & beauty of yoga.

The course takes place over 6 months to allow time to assimilate the knowledge of yoga and space for you to evolve and take your seat as a yoga teacher.

YOGA Teacher Training Course Content

  • Background to Yoga
  • Philosophy of Yoga
  • Practical anatomy & physiology
  • How to teach a wide range of yoga postures including modifications
  • Understanding the benefits of different yoga postures
  • How and why to make safe sensitive adjustments
  • Some injuries you may be presented with as a teacher and how to modify a posture accordingly
  • Ingredients of different levels of classes
  • How to choreograph a yoga class
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Pranayama techniques
  • Basic Sanskrit terms & pronunciations
  • Ethics of being a Yoga Teacher
  • How to develop and deepen your own practice

YOGA Teacher Training Course Structure

The 8 compulsory intensive yoga teacher training weekends each cover a particular section of yoga postures, independent study, regular yoga class attendance and homework.

  • Attendance at each of the 8 weekends is mandatory and non-negotiable. Clara Woodburn and expert facilitators will lead the different w/ends.
  • You will join a small study group. The group will meet regularly for discussion and yoga teaching practice.
  • During the course there will be periods of self-study which will include class observation, in-class adjustments and assisting in class.
  • You will be assigned homework which will be completed between the weekends. The homework will be completed independently.
  • You will be expected to maintain your own regular yoga practice, both through self-practice and classes.
  • The course will conclude with a final examination both theoretical and practical.

PLEASE NOTE: The 8 mandatory weekends are as follows:

  March 24th  – 26th  

April 7th  – 9th  

May 5th  – 7th

May 26th  – 28th 

June 9th – 11th

June 23rd  – 25th

July 14th  – 16th

July 28th  – 30th

The timing of the teacher training weekends is:

Fridays: 6.30pm - 9pm

    Saturdays & Sundays 8am - 4.30pm


Potential students need to have an established, regular practice of at least 12 months and will need to visit Yoga Warrior (if not currently a student there) so that the teachers can familiarise themselves with them and determine their readiness for more in-depth training. This can be further discussed at orientation sessions which will be held later this year. 

It must be noted that this programme is physically demanding as well as emotionally challenging and requires a strong and dedicated commitment from the student. They should ensure that they:

  • Have the ongoing support from their family or immediate network;
  • A personal desire to explore yoga on a deeper level and a willingness to push themselves through their boundaries;
  • Are in sound health with no major injuries;
  • Be 100% committed to this programme in order to fulfil the obligations for 100% attendance and completion of the work assignments and classes on time;
  • Be willing to learn and taught by various practitioners whose aim is to help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of various aspects of yoga;
  • Are in a position to prioritise attendance of the mandatory weekends comprising programme which may on occasion require personal (and/or professional) sacrifice.

Only students who have discussed the programme with the teacher trainers in person and been approved by them for acceptance will be allowed to participate in the course.


The cost for the RYT 200 training (comprising 200 hours of instruction and practise) is R24,950 in 2017, with a non-refundable deposit of R7,500 securing your place on the programme which includes:

  • Teaching instruction and notes over the 8 weekends
  • All reading material and key course books
  • Specialist facilitators for anatomy, pranayama, inversions, voice coaching etc.
  • Teaching by Clara Woodburn and Melanie Castleman as well as other experienced teachers
  • 45 classes to be taken at Yoga Warrior.

The course fees do not include certain text books (should you wish to buy them second hand) and the additional 20 classes required for certification which can be taken anywhere and are to be completed before the final exams.

There is a formal written examination on the final weekend, as well as a number of practical requirements (e.g. adjusting in a number of classes) during the course of the 6-month period, along with a final practical exam which need to be fulfilled.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

The non-refundable deposit of R7,500 is required to reserve your place on the course and will only be refunded if the course is cancelled due to insufficient numbers (we require a minimum of 12 students and can accommodate a maximum of 24). 

  • The balance of payment (R17,450) will be required in full upon commencement of the programme.
  • There will be NO refunds thereafter.
  • An early bird special of R22,500 is offered if payment is received in full by 31st December 2016.
  • Applications may be made for payments in 3 subsequent instalments of R6,500 payable over 3 months following commencement of the course, but these will only be considered under special request and will require strict adherence to the payment schedule. The total payable will be R27,000 and will require the entering into of a formal contract.

You should consider this yoga teacher training course if you:

  • Have a deep passion for yoga & learning
  • Already have a knowledge of the yoga postures
  • Have a regular advanced practice
  • Would like to move your yoga practice to another level
  • Would like to consider becoming a yoga teacher
  • Are in full-time employment & cannot attend the one month intensive yoga teacher training programmes already available in the yoga community.
  • Prefer to study slowly allowing for a deep assimilation and percolation over a longer period rather than overnight.

What else you should know about teacher training:

  • This course will be life changing
  • It will be difficult and uncomfortable at times
  • Your yoga practice will change irrevocably.

Testimonial of a Yoga Warrior 2010 Trained Yoga Teacher:

The 2010 teacher training program was an experience rooted in diversity: various topics were introduced by different teachers, each with their own unique flavour, ranging from Jim Harrington's often humorous anatomy weekend to Melanie Castleman's wild and bohemian improvisation yoga circle. None of this would have been possible without Clara's vision and dedication to creating one of the best teacher training programs in Jo'burg.

Apart from hours of discovering ourselves through yoga postures, the programme was also a melting pot of people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Getting to know people with their own take and perspective on life is both fascinating and enlightening! Be brave, accept the challenge and share yourself with this experience.

Chris Spring, Yoga Warrior Teacher

Testimonial of a Yoga Warrior 2008 Trained Yoga Teacher:

Having practiced yoga for 7 years, becoming a yoga teacher was the next natural step on my yoga journey. However, I had no expectations of what the course entailed and how physically and mentally challenging it would be. Looking back, I am amazed with the knowledge I gained from the course - the extensive overview of the asanas and all they encompass; in-depth background to the yoga philosophies; immense benefit to my own personal yoga practice and most importantly the tremendous self-growth achieved.

I feel so grateful to Clara, it was a huge commitment on her behalf and I really appreciate all her hard work, time and effort. Clara is a brilliant yoga teacher with immense knowledge and experience. She is a perfectionist and her attention to detail enabled me to gain so much from the Yoga Warrior Teacher Training Course.

There was brilliant chemistry between the other yoga teacher trainees and we all helped each other to be successful in completing.

2008 will always stand out for me as one of the most memorable years of my life and I feel so blessed and fortunate to have achieved something that I love.

Nadine Hurwitz, Yoga Teacher and Mother of four!


For further details regarding the Yoga Teacher Training, South Africa programme, please contact Genna