This is the third in a series of three workshops hosted by Lucy Draper-Clarke.

This workshop is inspired by the archetype of the Bodhisattva, the Buddhist activist, whose work is based in compassion.

Participants will learn about three types of bodhisattva - the monarch, the ferryman and the shepherd - and can explore their own unique style of activism. 

There may never be a better time to engage. We are so aware of global injustice and inequality through social media, that we often feel overwhelmed and stuck, which can lead to apathy.

So, we need to choose the sphere of our engagement, and work at that level, with a clear intention and an open heart.

Cost: R350 single workshop, R850 for all 3

Date: 6th April 6:30pm - 9:00pm


Full series details:

1/3 Intention Setting               9th Feb

2/3 Yin Yoga and Mindfulness  16th March

3/3 Joyful Activism                  6th April