This is the first in a series of three workshops hosted by Lucy Draper-Clarke.

Many of us find that setting goals, or defining goals, can be counterproductive. The vast majority of new year resolutions fail, leaving us feeling more despondent about ourselves than if we had not set them in the first place! Fortunately, intention setting is different. We imagine an ideal future, yet keep our focus on the present moment. It is more like sailing, where we choose a destination, but also learn to navigate the winds and the tides, sometimes even recognizing when it would be most wise to change course.

Our mind has the remarkable ability to affect our reality once we learn how to focus. Setting intentions activates our receptivity, so that we can spot opportunities as they arise. It also ensures that we have the courage to act. When we see how the outer world mirrors our heartfelt wishes, we begin to trust our inner power to direct the course of our life. Gratitude for our past and present is an important aspect of setting future intentions. It means that our intentions do not originate from a sense of lack or craving, but more from a wish to explore our full potential.

Intentions are limitless and change as we evolve; they are about who we want to be, and how we wish to touch the lives of others.

For more info, see Lucy’s recent blog.

Cost: R350 single workshop, R850 for all 3

Date: 9th February 6:30pm - 9:00pm


Full series details:

1/3 Intention Setting               9th Feb

2/3 Yin Yoga and Mindfulness  23rd Feb

3/3 Joyful Activism                  9th March