Starting Monday, February 1st @ 5.30am - 7am

R850 for all 5 Days, R525 for 3 days or R190 for each Workshop


Start the year dedicated to your yoga practice, prioritising your commitment to yourself and laying down how you wish 2015 to continue.  Join Melanie on this special 5 Day Forrest Yoga Series where she intimately takes you on a journey through your body, your yoga practice and clears your mind for the year ahead.

Melanie will be teaching Forrest Yoga through the series.  Forrest Yoga is the creation of American, Ana Forrest and is an intensely physical practice that aims to heal psychic wounds.  This style of yoga pays special attention to abdominal work and breathing.  Vigorous sequences of poses are intended to build heat in order to sweat out toxins and release emotions stored in the body.  Forrest Yoga emphasises healing and reveals how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life.  As Ana says herself, "One of the core principals of Forrest Yoga is to actively choose life - to nourish and cherish our precious life and live in a way that we are proud of.  This is crucial to our warriors and every human being on the planet."

MONDAY 1ST - Strength

Standing poses teach us the foundation of our practice, they build strength in our bodies and mental endurance. Learn the technique of accessing core and connection to breath. In this class we will focus on synchronizing our movement with the speed and agility of our breath, creating fluid and effortless movements.

TUESDAY 2nd - Integrity

Twist yourself into the knot you feel you are most comfortable in. Practice in a way that serves and nurtures your body and spirit. Define what you need versus what you want to achieve. This class will help to identify what being present and conscious actually feels like.

WEDNESDAY 3rd - Breath

Pranayama (science of breath control). Breathe, expand and feel full of energy. Let your breath fuel your practice.  Learn to tap into natural sources of energy rather than depend on muscular strength. Vinyasa yoga at its best.

THURSDAY 4th - Heart

We bend over backwards to please others. Let’s begin to bend backwards to please ourselves. Feel the delight of an open heart, the space to fill up with compassion not only for others but for ourselves.Allow yourself to feel the joy of an expanded heart.

FRIDAY 5th - Spirit

Invite freedom into your body. As the sun brings warmth to our bodies, let your practice light up your spirit. Find the delight that ignites your passion for yoga, practice in a way that encourages freedom and liberation.