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5 Week Beginner Class Series - 2018

Classes are held on Sunday mornings from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm or Monday evenings from 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

5 x 90 minute classes over 5 weeks all for R600

R500 for repeat attendees, students, scholars, pensioners

R1100 per couple


Curious about this thing called 'Yoga'?

Have you been advised to give it a try but have no idea where to start?

Or have you tried a class but felt completely lost?!

Join our Beginner Class Series which has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of yoga steadily over 5 classes so that you will feel comfortable to join our regular classes afterwards.  Over the series you will learn body and mind awareness through the basics of yoga.  The series will systematically introduce the principles of alignment and breathing, as well as the practice of basic stretches, balancing and strengthening poses, and relaxation techniques.  Each week will build consecutively on what is covered in the previous class.  Class size is limited.

You should consider the Beginner Class Series if you have:

  • Never done yoga
  • Attended a couple of regular classes at the gym or elsewhere but would like to slow down and learn the basics from scratch properly
  • Attended our beginners workshop and then stopped coming
  • Just started yoga and are enjoying it but still feel lost in the classes
  • Not done yoga for years and need a refresher to help you get going again

There are no barriers to entry for yoga.  Yoga is for everyone of every shape, gender and age.  Start yoga from where you are now.  Yoga can be a beautiful journey that unfolds over a lifetime.  If you normally rush ahead with new interests and then quickly give up, maybe this steady beginning will help you to incorporate yoga as habitual rather than a fad.  Yoga can change your life - come and experience how.

What previous participants of the series have said about the series:

The Beginner class series was really well presented and I never felt left behind or that I was too slow – instructions were very clear and easy to follow as well as the necessary humor now and then. All in all, I reckon that a series like this is a must for anyone considering yoga.     Pauline Geldenhuis

The 5 class series start on the following dates - PRE-BOOKING ESSENTIAL

  • January 14th/15th
  • February 18th/19th
  • April 8th/9th
  • May 27th/28th
  • July 1st/2nd
  • August 12th/13th
  • September 30th/October 1st
  • November 4th/5th