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Yoga Teacher Training: Find your voice & seat as a yoga teacher

Yoga Warrior's next internationally accredited YOGA Teacher Training in Johannesburg, South Africa is currently underway but we are already planning the course for 2017 to commence end Feb/early March.

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Are you looking to take your yoga practice to a deeper level? Would you like to explore the path of becoming a yoga teacher? Yoga Warrior has created a Yoga Alliance Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Programme of its distinctive flowing style of yoga with attention to the alignment of the body. You will learn how to teach creative, interesting and knowledge-filled yoga classes. You will evolve into a yoga teacher that teaches from the heart with ease and confidence; students will learn your own personal expression of the influence & beauty of yoga. The course will take place over 6 months thus allowing time to assimilate the knowledge of yoga and space for you to evolve and take your seat as a yoga teacher.

YOga alliance registered school of yoga - teacher training

Yoga alliance registered yoga school

Testimonial of a Yoga Warrior 2010 Trained Yoga Teacher:

The 2010 teacher training program was an experience rooted in diversity: various topics were introduced by different teachers, each with their own unique flavour, ranging from Jim Harrington's often humorous anatomy weekend to Melanie Castleman's wild and bohemian improvisation yoga circle. None of this would have been possible without Clara's vision and dedication to creating one of the best teacher training programs in Jo'burg.


Apart from hours of discovering ourselves through yoga postures, the programme was also a melting pot of people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Getting to know people with their own take and perspective on life is both fascinating and enlightening! Be brave, accept the challenge and share yourself with this experience.

Chris Spring, Yoga Warrior Teacher

Testimonial of a Yoga Warrior 2008 Trained Yoga Teacher:

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Having practiced yoga for 7 years, becoming a yoga teacher was the next natural step on my yoga journey. However, I had no expectations of what the course entailed and how physically and mentally challenging it would be. Looking back, I am amazed with the knowledge I gained from the course - the extensive overview of the asanas and all they encompass; in-depth background to the yoga philosophies; immense benefit to my own personal yoga practice and most importantly the tremendous self-growth achieved.

I feel so grateful to Clara, it was a huge commitment on her behalf and I really appreciate all her hard work, time and effort. Clara is a brilliant yoga teacher with immense knowledge and experience. She is a perfectionist and her attention to detail enabled me to gain so much from the Yoga Warrior Teacher Training Course.

There was brilliant chemistry between the other yoga teacher trainees and we all helped each other to be successful in completing.

2008 will always stand out for me as one of the most memorable years of my life and I feel so blessed and fortunate to have achieved something that I love.

Nadine Hurwitz, Yoga Teacher and Mother of four!

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YOGA Teacher Training Course Structure

There will be 8 compulsory intensive yoga teacher training weekends each covering a particular section of yoga postures, independent study, regular yoga class attendance and homework.

  • Attendance at each of the 8 weekends is mandatory and non-negotiable. Clara Woodburn and expert facililators will lead the different w/ends.
  • You will join a small study group. The group will meet regularly for discussion and yoga teaching practice.
  • During the course there will be periods of self-study which will include class observation, in-class adjustments and assisting in class.
  • You will be assigned homework which will be completed between the weekends. The homework will be completed independently.
  • You will be expected to maintain your own regular yoga practice, both through self-practice and classes.
  • The course will conclude with a final examination both theoretical and practical

Yoga Warrior Teacher Trainees 2010

PLEASE NOTE: The 8 mandatory weekends are as follows:

February 26th - 28th

April 1st - 3rd

April 15th – 17th

May 20th – 22nd

June 17th - 19th

July 15th – 17th

July 29th - 31st

August 12th – 14th

The timing of the teacher training weekends will be:

  • Fridays: 6.30pm - 9pm
  • Saturdays & Sundays 8am - 4.30pm
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YOGA Teacher Training Course Content

You will study:

  • Background to Yoga
  • Philosophy of Yoga
  • Practical anatomy & physiology
  • How to teach a wide range of yoga postures including modifications
  • Understanding the benefits of different yoga postures
  • How and why to make safe sensitive adjustments
  • Some injuries you may be presented with as a teacher and how to modify a posture accordingly
  • Ingredients of different levels of classes
  • How to choreograph a yoga class
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Pranayama techniques
  • Basic Sanskrit terms & pronunciations
  • Ethics of being a Yoga Teacher
  • How to develop and deepen your own practice
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Other yoga teacher training stuff

You should consider this yoga teacher training course if you:

  • Have a deep passion for yoga & learning
  • Already have a knowledge of the yoga postures
  • Have a regular advanced practice
  • Would like to move your yoga practice to another level
  • Would like to consider becoming a yoga teacher
  • Are in fulltime employment & cannot attend the one month intensive yoga teacher training programmes already available in the yoga community.
  • Prefer to study slowly allowing for a deep assimilation and percolation over a longer period rather than overnight.

What else you should know about teacher training:

  • This course will be life changing
  • It will be difficult and uncomfortable at times
  • Your yoga practice will change irreconcilably


Testimonial of a Yoga Warrior 2009 Trained Yoga Teacher:

Yoga Warrior's Teacher Training makes you a teacher, rather than just a yogi who has just learnt a bunch of poses. Pick your favourite yoga pose. Practice it today, tomorrow, and the next. Is the experience always the same? No? Why not? This is the kind of thing you will uncover after completing Yoga Warrior's Teacher Training course.

My first teacher training course was also a Yoga Alliance 200 hour programme. It took place in New York but the hours were fitted into a month. Yoga Warrior's Teacher Training however, being spread out over a year, is perhaps the best thing for an aspiring yoga teacher. It allows you to figure out this yoga thing for yourself. You are taught the principles of this amazing 6000 year old tradition slowly, with a great deal of time between each teaching to incorporate what you have learnt into your own life - on and off the mat. Yoga becomes real for you. This is why at the end of the teacher training, you feel at complete ease to teach. You are fully equipped to teach because you have actually experienced the yoga.

Alexia Sarris


Testimonial of a Yoga Warrior 2007 Trained Teacher:

The Yoga Warrior Teacher Training has been immensely informative and transformative for me in my personal practice as well as in my yoga classes and my life off the mat.

As I am already a yoga teacher and had done an intensive 2-month teacher training, I knew that this would be a demanding and life-changing experience. The amount of practical information I have acquired about teaching yoga, giving hands-on and verbal adjustments, and useful anatomical references has been indispensable in improving my teaching ability. I have found that after each training weekend I have been able to include the things I have learned immediately into my yoga classes. The format of learning over an 8 months period has allowed me to absorb the large amount of information in an easy and lasting way. I feel that my students have really benefited immensely from what I have learned on this teacher training.

As part of the requirements for the course, the teacher trainers must attend a lot of classes by different teachers and in different yoga styles. We also had to establish a regular, documented self-practice. I have found that my own practice, which was already well established, has grown in focus, strength and flexibility since I started the course. My knowledge of postures and sequencing has expanded from experiencing how different teachers teach and from just having to do so much yoga myself. This was a very practical way to cement the theory that I have learned on the course.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering teaching yoga as I have found everything that I have learned indispensable in the classes that I already teach. You will find that the depth of your knowledge increases to take you to a place in your own life journey that give you an excellent foundation to become a confident and well grounded yoga practitioner and teacher.

Tanya Botha, Yoga Teacher for Virgin Active & Yoga Warrior


Testimonial of a Yoga Warrior 2007 Trained Teacher:

So I loved yoga, did it a few times a week, could do a downward facing dog pretty well and had read a few yoga and Buddhism books, so when Clara mentioned a teacher training course I thought this was a good idea. I could strengthen my practice, learn more about the effects of yoga, grow spiritually and if I didn’t want to teach then I didn’t have to... Right?

Well... After completing the training, I realise that becoming a Yoga teacher is more than just instructing a class on a few downward facing dogs! It requires a commitment to yourself and a special love for people that evolves everyday; I’ve learnt things about myself that I would never have learnt any other way.

As much as I love yoga, there have been days where it has taken every bit of emotional strength to go to a yoga class or to start a training weekend, and there have been times where I’ve wanted to give up because, surely, it was supposed to be fun? But having stuck it through, and having Clara and my fellow teachers trainers to guide me through, I am now more in love with yoga than ever and look forward to teaching.

For anyone who is about to embark on this special journey, know that it is hard but the rewards outweigh the tough challenges. I have a new respect for both Clara and other teachers out there as well as an amazing love for this ancient way of life that has stuck around for thousands of years.’


Sam Morrison, Yoga Warrior Teacher now teaching at Pure Yoga, Hong Kong

For further details regarding the Yoga Teacher Training, South Africa programme, please contact Genna

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