Pregnancy Yoga

How to begin? Your body and life are changing quickly and the numbers of important choices that you face as a mother-to-be are seemingly unending.

Pregnancy Yoga with YOGA WARRIOR in Johannesburg, offers you a wonderful starting point to relax, connect with your baby and the changes in your body. Learning deeper breathing techniques will benefit your unborn baby and will help you to develop greater control of the breath during labour. By practicing different postures you will develop strength, flexibility and help alleviate common pregnancy stresses and pains in your body. Yoga during preganancy has been proven to deliver unique benefits to both mother and child. Internationally qualified prenatal yoga teacher, Clara Woodburn presents pregnancy yoga designed to heighten physical and mental preparation and recovery from birth. Clara has attended pregnancy yoga trainings in the US with Janice Clarfield and Judith Lasater and in South Africa with Aryo Jacobson.  She has also experienced two pregnancies in her own body and understands how to adapt a yoga practice around a growing bump safely.  She shares firsthand knowledge of how the headspace of yoga can prepare you for birth and motherhood.

Group Pregnancy Yoga Series - 5 discrete 70 minute classes

Wednesdays @ 5:00 pm

R650 for 5 classes (valid for 2 months)

Private Pregnancy Yoga Classes available on request (R500+ per class)

Note that we encourage expectant mothers to join us for a whole 5-class series to truly benefit from the practice.

Pregnancy yoga has been amazing – I started at 13 weeks and only missed one class right until the end of my pregnancy. That should tell you how great they are! The classes are the perfect blend of stretching and postures to prepare your body for labour, combined with relaxation time that helps to focus your mind. Clara is an awesome teacher and does everything to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the class even as your belly starts to get in the way. During the birth, my yoga practice really helped.  I had a natural birth, 5 hours, no epidural!  I recommend this class for all pregnant ladies who want an hour a week that will prepare and totally revitalize your body and soul!

                                                           New Mom, Yavani Singh-Ninan

I am really enjoying your pregnancy yoga classes which provide me with a respite from the mad world outside and give me the chance to focus on my pregnancy. It is lovely to be surrounded by other pregnant women too, and to hear where they are at.

                                                           Pregnant Lawyer, Justine Potter

Thought I'd let you know that the birth of my son Tomas went as well as I could have hoped for and I'm totally convinced that your classes made the world of difference. I was comfortable and confident enough to spend the early stages of labour at home.  I arrived at the clinic at 1930.  by 2230 I had given birth to Tomas after only 22 minutes of pushing.  No pain relief except for gas which I used for the last few contractions.  Your classes are totally fab!

                                                          Mom of 2, Kathy Sparks