Mommy & Baby Yoga with Genna

Wednesdays 10:45am

Did you know that young children who have practiced Yoga since early on have improved concentration, coordination, emotional awareness enhanced social skills?

Yoga with your baby in special Mummy & Baby yoga classes also offers moms a gentle way to re-enter the world after the initial weeks following birth.

Our specially developed Mommy & Baby Yoga classes are for new moms from 6 weeks post-partum and encourage moms out of their nesting cocoons by slowly getting them moving again in a healthy and beneficial way while bonding with baby.

This age is an important milestone as before that, baby is more vulnerable to the outside world and still needs to build immunity and acquire some head control, while mom needs to recover from the process of birth which has depleted her on many levels, especially if mom has had a Caesarean.

Classes are gentle (no previous yoga experience required!) but help alleviate tension in the upper back from holding and feedback baby and offer exercises to help strengthen the core and tighten the abdomen and pelvic floor especially if you have diastasis recti (splitting of abdominal muscles). The classes are designed to help you in your recovery from birth, both natural and Caesarean, by regaining strength, energy and flexibility while helping babies by nurturing their developing body and worldly awareness.

From 6 weeks after birth, yoga with your baby helps you:

  • Regain strength and flexibility with baby helping you

  • Focus on developing core and strengthening back and pelvic floor affected by pregnancy

  • Relieve tension in upper body

  • Find yourself and your body again

  • Meet other moms and share experiences

  • Share in special moments with your baby as they discover their bodies and their surroundings

  • Revive your mind providing a space to just relax and breathe.

Yoga Warrior’s specialist yoga teacher Genna embraces wanting to give babies the best start in their journey of life and to help other new moms by sharing her learnings and the joy of watching babies develop in the early months.

R750 for 5 class package

R450 for monthly membership (3 months+ on Debit Order)

R175 single class

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