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Mommy & Baby Yoga with Clara

Wednesdays @ 10.30am (75 minutes)

  R650 for 5 class package

The time, thought and focused energy Clara puts into each of her mom & baby yoga classes is evident from the very beginning of each class.  Clara guides you on all the internal and external aspects of being a mother.  She shows you the strong and powerful characteristics of your nature as well as your soft and gentle aspects.  Clara and Indigo are with you on the journey.  I would recommend mom & baby yoga with Clara and Indigo to any mother with a new baby who would like to honour both her baby and her body.

                                                                                Taiya, mother to Jett (6 months)

As a mother of two small children, Mommy & Baby Yoga has been an absolute godsend and I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me. With my three-year-old already at Playschool, you might think that it would have become easier for me to leave my six-month-old son with his loving carer, but this is not the case — I still never feel easy when he is not with me. This means most “me-time” activities are out and this is where Mommy & Baby Yoga comes in. Babies are not only welcome — you actually NEED to bring them with you. Clara is not “just” a yoga teacher, she and Indigo are sharing their special Mom & baby time with each of us through each carefully prepared class, thus aiding Moms to get fit again at the same time as bonding with their new babies. This means, both Mom and baby definitely benefit not only from the exercise component, but also from the loving atmosphere and warm, friendly and peaceful ambience. Personally, I come away from each class feeling refreshed, spiritually uplifted and much fitter….

Go on Moms: give it a try!!! Eli and I can’t thank Clara and Indigo enough for giving us this special time…

Stacie, Mother to Zara (3) and Eli (7 months)

Congratulations you just had a baby!  Possibly what's most important right now is finding a way to get back in to shape and to have gorgeous intimate interactions with your new treasure.  Mommy & Baby Yoga can help you accomplish both goals at the same time.  Through flying your baby on your shins (as above) you will strengthen your abdominal muscles, through warming Sun Salutations you can gaze and tickle your baby and by moving their tiny limbs and opening their bodies you can be met by their giggles and smiles!

In the first few days, weeks, and months of a baby's life, Mommy and baby learn to adjust to each other as they create their special relationship.  It is a kind of yoga: the one has become two, and the two spontaneously create a union that is so much more than what came before.  At this precious time in the relationship of the Mommy and baby, the Mommy must be ever present to the needs of her baby.  During this time however she may feel most exhausted and stressed.  Physically she may not recognise her own body, and it may not feel familiar and like her own.  How then can she be receptive to another, when she is not in harmony with herself?  How can she nurture another, when she is tired and overwhelmed?

Yoga is perfect for this very moment in a Mommy's life because it guarantees flexibility.  It brings flexibility back to your body and helps you adapt to your new life.  Yoga stretches and strengthens you, helping to reacquaint you with your physical self again as it provides a significant workout.  It encourages improvisation and play for both of you and it is a calm environment where your baby can discover their physical selves in the world.  So it is a grounding experience for both of you; a time where you come to breathe together, touch, open and receive each other.

What can you expect from a Mommy & Baby class?

  • to regain strength and flexibility
  • special focus on developing core strength and stability - with particular emphasis here on strengthening the abdomen, pelvic floor and back
  • relieve tension in shoulders, back and neck
  • each class will include flowing dynamic movements as well as slow targeted exercises to strengthen particular areas affected by pregnancy and motherhood
  • space to breathe
  • beautiful moments unfolding your baby's body into this world
  • laughter
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • new Mommy & baby friends

NB You don't need any yoga experience to practice Mommy & Baby yoga.  If you have many years of experience in yoga, this will be a wonderful introduction back to your pre-pregnancy practice.

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What will my baby do during the class?

The classes are informal and relaxed.  This means come as you are (you do not have to shower in order to attend).  This means you can stop at any time to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby (we have private spaces where you can quietly do this).  You can bring your baby bag and change your baby's nappy at any time.  Your baby can sleep throughout the class if this is what he or she most needs.  Sometimes your baby may not be in the mood for class and may cry and fuss the entire time.  Through our yoga practice we must learn to accept them exactly as they are.

Other times your baby will be participating with you the entire class.  Some movements will involve you holding your baby as a weight to help tone your body, others your baby will lie underneath you or sometimes you may prefer to place your baby on a blanket next to you.

We will be doing baby yoga too which will be all about your baby.  This will involve tummy time, developing sensory awareness in your baby's being, massage and kisses.  Your baby will usually love this and so will you!

When Are You Ready To Attend?

We suggest that you wait until your baby is 6 weeks old before you practice Mommy & Baby Yoga if you had a natural birth (longer if you had a caesarean, let your gynaecologist OK you beginning exercise again).

You are welcome at the classes until your baby is 8 months old or when they start crawling and it becomes too challenging for you to practice as they visit somebody else's mat.

These classes are born out of Clara having a baby, her love of yoga and her desire for meaningful interactions with her daughter.  What she discovered was that Indigo, her baby, was thrilled when Mommy finally rolled out her yoga mat and invited her on to play.  Indigo felt included, Clara was home, together their relationship has grown on the mat.

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