Mommy & Toddler Yoga Class Series with Clara

Class for toddlers aged 30 months - 3 years ONLY

5-week series are held intermittently on Thursdays @ 4:00pm (45 mins)

Next series starting May 9th - June 6th 2019

Please email to book - places are limited!

Cost: R650 for all 5 weeks

Children are natural yogis : whole, innocent and playful.

Yoga is a gift to children and encourages them to hold onto their childlike mind with its wisdom and beauty

Introduce the beautiful world of yoga to your toddler. Come and climb mountains together, sway like palm trees, take your doggie for a walk, breathe in and out and then lie like starfish on the beach. Step on to your magic yoga carpet and discover the fantastical world of yoga which will capture your toddler's imagination.

Benefit's of Yoga for Mommies & Toddlers :

  • Deepen the parent/child relationship
  • Improve body awareness
  • Playfully relieve stress and frustration
  • Increase your child's attention span
  • Provide an outlet for social interaction
  • Nurture self-confidence and creativity
  • Create memorable moments with your child


This series will be led by Clara and was born out of Clara's desire to find ways to spend fun quality time with her daughters and share her love of yoga. 

This a series, like any other children's activity, so you come back each week and have good weeks and some not so good weeks. Class size limited.

Testimonial from Danielle, Mommy of Sebastian (Attendee 2014):

I am so grateful to Clara for letting us all share her toddler and yoga class with our beautiful boys and girls.  My sweet son, Sebastian, loved the classes - he looked forward to seeing "Clara and Jasmine" for days before, excitedly told everyone that he was "going to yoga", and would spontaneously and unexpectedly start doing movements and singing songs from the class.  I so valued the classes' impact on my boy and on our relationship that I structured my week around finding ways to justify making a 2-hour drive into town.  I could watch him learn, interact, laugh and have fun, and share in him becoming aware of his body, his breath, music and other little people.  The class became a talking and reference point for both of us both during the series and after - we still fly like butterflies and jump like frogs and stretch up to say hello to the sun.

Testimonial from Laurie, Mommy of Josephine (Attendee 2012):

I highly recommend Mommy & Toddler yoga!  The class has given my daughter and I, 45 uninterrupted minutes of loving, playful time together.  We dance, sing, run while she learns about her body.  She loves it so much that she jumps up and down with excitement when she sees we have arrived at the studio.  Clara & Indigo make the classes extra special, and it's wonderful to share the journey of Motherhood with other Moms with their babes.