Sunrise Yoga Warrior @ Vida e Caffe, Sandton,


In 2006/7 Yoga Warrior held Sunrise Yoga classes at Vida e Caffe, Sandton every Friday @ 6.15am for a beautiful wake up flow to unwind & prepare the body & soul for summer weekends.  The sunrise salutations were woven through with the aroma of Arabica beans and the sun's rays to brighten the day.  This calm rhythm continued as we chilled out after yoga before the week-end over expresso & warm crumbly muffins.

When?        Every Friday for Summer.
Where?       Vida e Caffe, Pavilion, Shop 9, 24 Central, Corner Fredman & Gwen 
                    - opposite the JSE.
What?         Wear comfortable clothing to move in, bring a yoga mat if you have 
                  one, don't worry if not.  
Why?          Yoga is the ultimate gift to yourself to kick start your day....naturally.
Who?          Those in the know about yoga's stunning benefits & South Africa's 
                 ultimate must-have coffee: Vida.
Raining?      Stay in bed.

Reflections of a Sunrise Yoga Warrior, November 2006: 

"The only thing to hate about Yoga Warrior Friday Yoga at Vida Caffe is that it occurs just once a week on a Friday when the stress of the work week has almost overwhelmed you. Would that we had it everyday of the week.

So what’s there to love?

Well…Everything! What better way to end a hectic week? Imagine yourself somewhere in the Sandton CBD on a Friday morning as the Gauteng day begins to unfold, upside down on a brightly coloured mat, spread across a sprung wooden deck, surrounded by lithe gorgeous things (male and female), and looking up through the leafy trees at birds and sky… only a hint of a skyscraper ahead. You would swear that you were suspended over an ocean in some exotic location in the middle of an endless vacation. Not about to don your corporate best, assume your corporate warrior face, and fight out the last 10 hours of another hectic Friday–at-the-office.

And that is the magic of Clara, the Yoga Warrior. As you move your body fluidly from one pose to another, realizing that you too can be a cobra, a dog, a tree or a mountain if you try, tranquility and ease descend.  Add to that the wafting aroma of freshly roasted Vida coffee beans and hot baking muffins and you don't have to explain why the sweat and noise of an overcrowded gym or the polluted stench of a pounding jog through a congested morning traffic can't beat this.

And did I mention Clara? She must be the best thing to happen to local yoga ever. Serene and utterly beautiful, this globally trained Warrior-queen just soothes the edge and motivates you to incredibly fold your legs around your neck as though you were answering emails, while talking on your cell. Everything is easy with Clara.

So what’s to hate again? That summer only comes once a year and Friday’s only come once a week. But if I tell you that there are probably 15 more weeks before autumn descends…make sure you catch one of these sessions at least one Friday before Easter. You’ll be hooked."

Kathy Berman, Director, Be-Well