Joburg Urban Yoga Series with Carpe Diem/YOGAWARRIOR 
Carpe Diem Urban Yoga Series indoors at Michelangelo Towers, copyright fun at Carpe Diem Urban Yoga Series, Michelangelo Towers. copyright

Starting May 10th until June 28th Yoga Warrior led an urban yoga series in conjunction with the wellbeing drink, Carpe Diem.  The urban yoga series has been rolled out across the cities of Europe and has already occurred now in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  In keeping with the motto "Carpe Diem - seize the day", this was an oasis of peace and a source of wellbeing right in the middle of the city.  We practiced yoga at the indoor pool (11th floor) of the brand new Michelangelo Towers.

The urban yoga series included a vigorous sequence to warm the muscles and aliven your soul.  In the background was some African if you'd never tried yoga, this was the perfect opportunity.  At the end of the class complimentary Carpe Diem was available. 

Clara closing the 1st Carpe Diem Urban Yoga Class at the Michelangelo Towers, Sandton, May 10th 2006. copyright

The launch night of the urban yoga series on May 10th was considered a hit with about 25 Yoga Warriors including celebrities and press practicing yoga at sunset on the pool terrace of the Michelangelo Towers.  After the vigorous yoga class, we enjoyed Carpe Diem and appetisers.

Celebrities & models become YogaWarriors at the Carpe Diem Urban Yoga Series, May 10th 2006. copyright in Trikonasana at the Carpe Diem Urban Yoga Series, Michelangelo, Sandton, May 10th 2006. copyright