Yoga Class Menu

Fundamental Flow - if you are new to yoga we recommend starting with the basics.  Slower practice with focus on mastering the basics while exploring new poses. Perfect for beginners and for experienced practitioners to revisit asanas. These classes introduce a gentle flow with basic postures. (60 minutes)

Yoga Express - Spicy and invigorating practice at a moderate pace suitable for any level of yoga experience. Experienced practitioners should come with a "fresh mind". We will practice all the yoga fundamentals but there will also be opportunities for more experienced students to take particular poses to a more advanced stage. (60 minutes)

Yoga Flow - this is a general level class which holds plenty of challenge. Here you will learn the fundamentals of yoga postures. We will practice different yogic breathing techniques, and how to link each movement with the breath. We will build strength and flexibility and cultivate awareness of the alignment of the body in poses as this is vital for balancing body and mind. This class is suitable for all levels (75 minutes)

Candlelight Yoga Class - a delicious flow class held by candlelight as the week draws to a close. This class is suitable for all levels, with a bit of energy generated before relaxation. (75 minutes)

Power Hour & Happy Hour Yoga - TGIF!  Leave the office behind you and get onto your mat to get your weekend off to the best start. Expect a short but active vinyasa flow session which packs a little punch. Spicy and invigorating practice at a moderate pace suitable for all levels. (60 minutes)

Extended Flow - Medium to slow paced yet strong class that allows a deeper practice incorporating a yin practice to round it off. Excellent for strengthening your yoga practice with sound instruction into anatomy and corrective alignment. Suitable for all levels. (90 minutes)

Pregnancy Yoga - this is open to any woman who is 14 weeks+. This is a specialised yoga class that emphasises poses to open hips and the front body to create space during pregnancy and birth, with attention gieven to yogic breathing techniques that will benefit your baby. We practice different yoga poses that will enable you to develop strength and flexibility and support you carrying and delivering your baby. (75 minutes) No previous yoga experience required.

Mommy & Baby Yoga - this if for new moms and babies from 6 weeks post-partum. This is a gentle class designed to re-introduce moms to exercise as she emerges from her maternal cocoon while bonding with baby and introducing body and spatial awareness methods to aid baby's development. (75 minutes) No previous yoga experience required.