I can’t say that my life journey to date has been the easiest however, I can definitely say that everything I have been through has taught me more about myself – the imperfect, perfect Self.

Growing up with my grandparents in Johannesburg, (as my dad was called to work for a company in Mozambique), I lived a life of solitude, fear and complete isolation. I looked around me and constantly wished that I too had the freedom and the love that I perceived all the other children had. The freedom of being a child and having the comfort of knowing I was loved and appreciated. I carried these emotions with me into my adult life and discovered that it was only crippling my ability to make friends, to make a success of work (out of all occupations, I chose to go into sales) and to be truly happy and free of these self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

In search of freedom, I found Yoga! One day, I arrived at work and an article written on Yoga Warrior was on my desk. I called Clara Woodburn, booked myself into a Beginners Workshop and the rest is history! My life has never been the same again. This practice has allowed me to look deeper into myself than I ever did before. The flow from pose to pose gives me the freedom to be myself on the mat without anyone else judging me, myself included. The stiffness and stress that I have been carrying in my body is being released each and every time I step onto my mat. Yoga has given me the space for self-exploration and has put me on a path to self-love.

How could I not want to share this with everyone!? We all face our own demons every day and if I can offer someone a chance at finding peace and freedom, I want to do it through the practice of Yoga. I qualified in 2015 as a teacher through Yoga Warrior and I feel privileged to be able to share my love for Yoga with you. My classes are full of heart and will challenge you in more ways than the physical body does.

See you on your mat!