They say you have to learn to walk before you run, but I somehow managed to dance first. I've been a student of all kinds of movement practices since I was a little pretzel. In 2008, I was badly injured at a dance competition and was encouraged to try a yoga class at a Bikram studio that had just opened up down the street. I spent most of the class on my knees, but found the heat so intriguing and challenging, I kept coming back until I had a new found strength, flexibility and perspective. I moved around performing with a various dance shows and circuses and kept practicing yoga to supplement my training.

In 2013, I decided to embark on my yoga teaching journey at Power Living Yoga in Melbourne. Since my teacher training, I have studied different kinesiological approaches to stretching and yin yoga. I have come to realize that the body is an incredible unit that is capable of healing itself and it has become my passion to teach people how good their bodies are designed to feel.

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