After suffering from chronic depression for over 20 years, Stuart was recommended yoga as a last resort. It was in the quiet contemplation of only his third class where he experienced an unusual and joyful awakening that challenged him enough to drop his corporate life and pursue yoga full time.

Stuart has been living, studying and teaching in a yogic community on an island in the gulf of Thailand and follows the lineage of Kashmiri Shaivism. He follows the teachings of Sri Prem Baba, Mooji, Hareesh Wallis and Sadhguru and holds a very special place for the great sage Ramana Maharshi.

His vinyasa classes often focus on the heart chakra and self-inquiry. You will journey inwards and shine a light into the unexplored. Having been an avid cyclist and triathlete before his yogic transformation, Stuart always gives a physical challenge to those who are looking for it, but he enjoys making his classes accessible to all levels.

Stuart also teaches yoga for depression and anxiety in the form of workshops and private sessions where he combines his psychotherapy training from his time abroad with his own triumph over the illness.

“Love is the antidote to everything,” Prem Baba