As a dancer for most of her life, Leigh has always appreciated the immense potential and capability of the human body. When she stopped dancing to focus on university, yoga was the only discipline that reignited her passion for movement and she been on the mat ever since. She feels most free and most herself when moving with grace and control, two central qualities of vinyasa yoga. Over the last seven years she has studied how the human body moves and functions, both at university and through her own yoga practice, completing the Yoga Warrior Teacher Training program in 2014 in order to further her understanding of yoga.

She hopes to share her great respect for the beautiful machine that is the human body and inspire students of yoga to explore and marvel in their own abilities, regardless of their level of experience; to build a solid sense of self-worth and acceptance. Nothing quite matches the feeling of holding your entire body above the ground with nothing but your own strength and an intangible courage emanating from deep within.

Her practice has taught her that real growth can only occur once she pushes up against her perceived limitations, in a space where she is challenged and encouraged to learn about herself. In teaching yoga, she aims to create such a space, an environment of safe experimentation and playfulness where students of yoga can explore both their internal and external limits.

Her classes are fast paced and energetic and she wants students to leave her classes with a sense of personal pride and achievement, telling anyone who will listen, “you won’t believe what I did at yoga today!”