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I was born and grew up in Soweto (Joburg) an N6 Human Resources student from South West Gauteng College who used to play soccer and pool table on a daily basis. In 2007 my life changed by only being on the yoga mat where I was surrounded by lots of strangers (practicing yoga is part of my job). At first I wanted to do this job for a few months in order to have experience and income then move on. Three months down the line things changed, plans changed and strong decisions were made by only meeting nice people with strong brains. I decided to stick to this job for the next few years. I'm having a lot of fun and learning lots of things. 

I knew nothing about yoga up until Portia Sebogodi (my neighbour) introduced me to Clara Woodburn (my boss and a teacher) at Yoga Warrior. Now I'm living an interesting, exciting and happy life because I’m fresh, flexible and getting stronger mentally and physically. I’m also growing as a person. I’m lucky and blessed to be part of Yoga Warrior as a place where I’m learning and achieving lots things not only about yoga but life in general. Now I’ve been doing yoga for two years and providing Thai massage for a year. And I hope and believe that I will learn more.

I never thought that I would be where I am and become a Thai Massage Therapist in Jozi. Thanks to Deon De Wet for the gift and experience he gave me. I love and enjoy to make clients feel happy and relaxed after the massage session through the combination of the experience and my two golden hands. It's nice to see them smiling. Through yoga I was able to meet many influential yogi's who started my yogic path and ignited my love for yoga, the likes of Yoga Warrior teachers, Clara, Deon, Paige Elenson and Baron Baptiste, I feel special, lucky, fortunate and blessed to have been taught by them.

 Ivan the Warrior @ Baron Baptiste's Journey into Power, Level I Teacher Training Baron Baptiste & Ivan, Kenya April '09

I was always told that through yoga I will go places and get to different stages in life and its a fact. In March 2009 Yoga Warrior hosted Paige Elenson who did Acroyoga workshop with us for three days and I had a lot of fun. Three days later in the early hours of the morning Clara gave me good news and it took me the whole day to respond to her because I thought I was dreaming. She told me that Paige Elenson whom I met over the weekend will pay for me to fly to Kenya and that means leaving S.A for the first time in my life, to do yoga with Baron Baptiste, Paige and his crew (famous yogis' in the U.S), step my own two feet in the sea for the first time and learn different things in life. And for that seven days I spent in Kenya with Baron, Paige and his crew made the pictures of my life clearer and helped me to understand and know what I want in life. Through that workshop with them I will achieve what I want because I'm strong, fearless and I'm an unmessable guy. Baron and his crew taught me not to be greedy, selfish and weak, but to be fearless, sharing, courageous and strong. I feel blessed for everything that has happened in my life. I did benefit from that workshop in Kenya because I'm more focused and responsible for everything in life. Thanks to Paige for everything she did for me especially because she didn't know anything about me therefore I will always feel fortunate, lucky and blessed.

Thanks to everyone who played an important role by teaching me lots of things in life.