For me, the magic happens the moment I step onto my mat. The outside world disappears; there are no expectations, no judgment, just me and my mat. For that time, I know I am going on a physical, spiritual and often emotional journey, kind of like a magic carpet ride.

Yoga continues to generously feed both my body and my soul. I have always been active, but nothing has ever challenged me physically more than yoga. There is always more to learn, further you can take it, boundaries to be pushed. I very quickly realized how good yoga was for my body. What surprised me was the effect it had on my life off the mat. There is no question that I am a nicer person when I have a regular practice (and my family would agree!!!) I have learnt to breathe, really breath and that has made all the difference. Also, when you spend enough time upside down, you start to see the world differently….

It is a real privilege to be part of other people’s journeys, and that is what I love most about teaching!

Hope to see you on the mat soon!