Sukshma Vyayama with the Power of Naam

2 hour intensive with Chris Merrill (Los Angeles, USA)

Date:  Wednesday 7th August 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Venue:  Yoga Warrior      (note that the regular 6:30pm Fundamental Flow class will not take place)

Sukshma Vyayama is a Himalayan Yoga style that is just beginning to be known outside of India.  Practiced by 2 Prime Ministers (J. Neru and Indira Ghandi) Sukshma Vyayama was the first form of yoga to be practiced on television in India.  

This hidden gem has a tremendously positive effect on the autonomous nervous system.  It strengthens the life force and removes blockages in the energy body.  It’s a great practice for beginners and experts.  It’s especially good for people with a strong vinyasa practice as well as those recovering from injuries.


-  Strengthens the subtle body known as Sukshma Sharira;

-  Peace, balance and one-pointedness are induced by this method which in turn brings about harmony in the physical body;

-  Enhances relaxation and awareness;

-  Harmonizes and revitalizes the body;

- Improves the function of the internal organs;

- Fortify the muscles and skeletal system.

What people are saying about Sukshma:

“I feel totally energized, rejuvenated and so clear in my mind.”

“I feel taller. I feel stronger. I feel grounded.”

“I felt like I was building new neural pathways in my brain.”

Join this is special opportunity to explore the power of Sukshma Vyayama in a 2-hour workshop.

Cost: R300 pre-registered

 R400 at the door.

Teachers and Members on contract enjoy 10% discount - email to book.


  About Chris Merrill

Chris is a senior Naam Instructor with almost two decades of experience in several yoga styles and levels, having led dozens of 200-hour trainings in yoga and dozens more in healing disciplines.   With a fun, casual and compelling style, Chris helps students to bring out the best of themselves, their practice and their life.

His production company Practical Naam has produced over 18 music meditation and music albums and he can be found on DVDs and online yoga classes in several languages.  2019 finds him in Europe, Mexico and the United States teaching yoga and meditation 6 months out of the year.