"Yoga is an art, your body the paintbrush and your mat is the canvas"-Mandisa Nduli. 

As much as yoga can bring you healing, it can also cause injury if done incorrectly. Due to the natural arch in my back, this caused extreme pain during my practice and I could never understand why. It was the moment I did backbends correctly, that I found complete healing and continue to. The art of back bending is what this workshop is about.

We will discuss the muscle groups you need to engage or relax when working into simple backbends and into a few deep ones. We will work on movement, basic stretches for different body parts that affect back bending the most. Back bending is about trust, about letting go and finding healing in the body. We therefore need to work on the breathing needed to get deeper into postures as well as, working into a healing meditation that will be an important part of this workshop.


This workshop is for all levels of fitness and for those who struggle to bend backwards with ease. It's also for those who have lower back pains whether you are a novice or an expert. We can all learn something new by going back to basics.