"Saturday morning, 7.30. The sun is warming up our room in the colour of egg shell. Outside, an elan is grazing while a rabbit is running in front of him. I am NOT a morning person. But today, I am AWAKE with the wildlife and I am dying for yoga.  It's my first yoga retreat and I have been dreaming of it for the past year.

The wooden deck overlooking the valley seems to have been designed for yoga (its also a lovely spot to enjoy some amazing salads with some delicious homemade bread).  Its chilly but SO SO sunny. For the first time ever, I will have to practise yoga with my sunglasses. I wonder if they will stay on in the down with facing down position...The sun salutations on the deck in the sun in the middle of nature are simply divine. They never made so much sense. My body warms up quickly and my sunglasses stay on my head.  In her soft and clear voice, Clara says: 'Lift your left hand towards the ceiling'. But today, the ceiling is the sky. No need of an ipod, the birds are giving a concert.  For the trikonasa and upward facing dog positions, my eyes face the trees. The branches are naked but something in the air tells us that spring is knocking at the door.

Sunday Morning Yoga on the Deck copyright www.wildwoodburn.com


While I am opening my body to the world, my man is enjoying a bath in the sun overlooking the valley, where more than a century ago a defining part of South African history played itself out (the Anglo-Boer war). My man does not practise yoga but he is the one who introduced me to yoga and even for people who dont practise yoga there are a variety of events to do in this lovely spot facing the Drakensberg.


 Breakfast al fresco at Three Trees copyright www.wildwoodburn.com  Yoginis chatting copyright www.wildwoodburn.com

The yoga practises on the deck are divine. But what to say about the one inside the lounge warmed up by an old coal stove in the late afternoon. Clara reads us some stories and poems. I feel like a child and I fall asleep for seconds that feel like an hour. It is very smooth, relaxing and restorative.


The lodge in the background copyright www.wildwoodburn.com


The yoga retreat was not only about yoga but also about meeting people. At the beginning of the week end, we did not know anyone apart from Clara, but by the end, we had met some new friends.


Sundowners copyright www.wildwoodburn.com


On the way back to Joburg, we stopped by a war cemetery in the middle of a field. Two horses came to us. The landscape was amazing and the light breathtaking. I tried to take a photo but the light was too harsh. My man suggested to put my sunglasses in front of the lens. I did. The picture was amazing, as beautiful as the reality and the yoga retreat at the Three Tree Lodge.



Beatrice Debut, Journalist


 Sundowners Sunset