Tanya in Padmasana copyright www.woodburnphoto.co.za

“Wheels of Life”
Experience the Chakras through Yoga

A workshop with Yoga Warrior teacher Tanya Botha
Saturday, September 3rd 3pm - 5pm

“Together the seven Chakras form a profound formula for wholeness that integrates mind, body, and spirit. From liberating our spirits to manifesting our dreams, the Chakras are the very wheels that carry us through life.”  
                                 Anodea Judith (leading authority on integration of chakras and therapuetic issues)

You are invited to join us on a flowing, experiential yogic journey through your seven Chakras.

Did you know that every time you do flow yoga you are also unavoidably working with your Chakras? This elusive energy system is directly linked to your physical body through your nervous system and, as such, is the bridge between your physical and your spiritual world.

In this workshop you will come to understand how different yoga poses open and balance the individual chakras. You will learn what the symbolic significance of each chakra is, and how this relates to your emotional and mental experiences in the world. The final aim is to understand how this flow of energy is ultimately used to manifest your dreams and desires, by connecting the world of spirit and ideas to the real world, through your physical body.

This is a special chance for you to connect to a much deeper and profound knowledge of how yoga works on an energetic and spiritual level, through your physical yoga postures, in an easy and understandable way.