Seane Corn

"I see vinyasa in every single moment, from the mundane, to the profound. It’s moment by moment, breath by breath, learning to stay absolutely present in whatever is right in front of you-- not looking for it to be different, but embracing it for what it is, and seeing the unfolding happening quite magically."

Seane Corn's Art of Vinyasa Workshops
February 4th-6th
The Canopy, Braamfontein (scroll to bottom for more details)


Yoga Warrior welcomes Seane Corn, one of the most internationally renowned yoga teachers. Her magnetic and intensely powerful energy combines a devotion to body, mind and spirit.  A yogi celebrity in the USA, and the first yoga teacher asked to be the face of Nike, helping lift the global perception of yoga to the revolution of today.  20 million people practice yoga in the USA and there are more yoga teachers there today than in India.  Seane is one of yoga’s most recognised faces (and bodies).  As well as leading yoga workshops all over the world, she also leads an off the mat, into the world initiative which raises much needed $$$ for youth with HIV worldwide.


All four yoga workshops are open to everyone.  Friday afternoon is designed especially for teachers and experienced students.
Entire workshop R1600
Thursday & Friday Evenings & Saturday Morning R1200
Friday Teacher Workshop R500, Other Workshops R450

Thursday, February 4th 6-8.30pm - VINYASA FLOW YOGA: Establishing a Strong Foundation

Learn the foundation of a solid practice through alignment, core awareness and breathing techniques. Understand the basic principles of sun salutes A and B and how this is the cornerstone of every vinyasa practice. Also discussed will be the preparation, inner queues and dissection of the fundamentals of standing poses, backbends, twists and inversions. Asana, discussion and demonstration. All Levels.

Friday, February 5th  2-5pm  - THE BODY AND BEYOND
especially for Yoga Teachers and Experienced Students

Vinyasa means to link movement with breath. In these intensives geared towards teachers and experienced students, we will explore the multifaceted dynamics of Vinyasa Flow yoga, including focusing on proper alignment, pranayama, meditation, reflection and prayer.  Through the integration of asana, proper breathing techniques and conscious intention, learn how to experience the creative and powerful practice of Vinyasa Flow as a devotional expression of life -beyond the body. This meditative dance not only strengthens, tones and stimulates all the various systems of our bodies, but also initiates us to the knowledge that there is no separation of the mind and body, matter and consciousness, heaven and earth- you and I.  This intensive can be taken as a way of enhancing your teaching  or going deeper into more advanced principles of the practive of vinyasa flow yoga. Experience with Sun Salutes A and B is necessary. 

Friday, February 5th 6-8.30pm - DETOX FLOW

This unique and challenging yoga class explores how making conscious and responsible choices can help purify our body and mind, supporting optimal health. We will focus on cleansing the vital organs through a special vinyasa sequence that utilizes three internal components-compression, decompression and twists-to stimulate the purification process within the body. This class includes sun-salutes A and B, a detox standing pose sequence, breathing exercises and meditation. All Levels.

Saturday, February 6th 8.30 - 11am - CHAKRA FLOW


In this informative and creative vinyasa yoga class we will journey through the charkas and explore their physiological and psychological aspects. Through movement, breath, visualization, intention and prayer we can gain insight on how these energy centers, when blocked, can affect our physical health and emotional clarity.  This yoga class offers a glimpse into the possibilities of personal transformation through wisdom, self-responsibility and forgiveness. All Levels.

“Seane Corn is a phenomenal, poised, funny, worthy teacher of yoga and spirituality.”
—Ashley Judd, actor and Global Ambassador for YouthAIDs

Seane Corn

Sean's Profile

As an inspired communicator, Seane’s yoga classes are an eclectic fusion of various healing and spiritual modalities making them intuitive, insightful and educational. Featured in commercials, magazines and named the “National Yoga Ambassador” for YouthAIDS, Seane utilizes her national platform to bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS crisis, along with the Cambodian Children’s Fund. She trains leaders of activism through her co-founded organization Off the Mat, Into the World®, started in 2007 with Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling. She received the 2005 “Conscious Humanitarian” award for her outreach efforts.  Her award winning DVD’s “Vinyasa Flow Yoga” are available through Gaiam International, her “Yoga From the Heart” DVD can be found through Yoga Journal, and most recently “Detox Flow Yoga” from Sounds True.  For more information on Seane visit



Seane Corn


In appreciation and celebration of Braamfontein's inner city renewal, we have purposefully chosen to host Seane Corn, who lives in LA, in a fitting location.

All the yoga workshops will take place at:

The Canopy, above Narina Trogon Restaurant (,
81 De Korte Street

Secure undercover parking has been arranged nearby.  More details on booking.


Come see the transformation of the precinct in to an appealing and safe district, educational centre, arts and entertainment hub.  As the district's byline says "Where people rise to greatness"....