In September '08 Yoga Warrior was privileged to again host a leading teacher, this time all the way from Japan, Patrick Oancia, Director of YogaJaya, Tokyo.

Considered one of South-east Asia's leading yoga gurus, Patrick was born in Hong Kong in 1968 to a Spanish mother and a Romanian father.  He was raised in Spain and Canada, and has had a base in Tokyo for 19 years.  Patrick has been immersed in practicing yoga since 1996.  He is accredited as an E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) under the International Yoga Alliance.  He has travelled around the world attending advanced intensive workshops, study and specialised programs to continually deepen his knowledge.  He has studied various hatha yoga asana traditions including iyengar, sivananda and ashtanga as well as ever refining the practices of pranayama (breathing techniques), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), and dharana (concentration) in order to go deeper into dhyana (meditation).

Patrick comes from a sporting background of competitive cycling, is an avid snowboarder and pursues various other disciplines that challenge a better understanding of how to maintain optimum physical stamina, clarity and health.  He teaches yoga to enhance his own creative lifestyle, as well as to complement his love for living a life full of interesting and new challenges.  He sees teaching yoga primarily as a pleasure of sharing a profound knowledge.  Patrick chose the name YogaJaya (union vanquishes) for his Tokyo studio in order to focus on the way that yoga has helped him to overcome and then move beyond the limiting factors in his own life. 

 Patrick Oancia's Workshop @ Yoga Warrior Maritz!
 Natalie! Patrick Oancia Workshop @ Yoga Warrior