London Carpe Diem Urban Yoga Series 

Clara saluting the sun during the Carpe Diem Urban Yoga Series on the London Eye, UK, May 2006

Carpe Diem launched their urban yoga series on May 3rd in London on British Airways' London Eye.  I was fortunate enough to participate and to teach in one of the 31 pods on the Eye. On a beautiful English spring morning, each pod was filled with a yoga teacher and 6 students.  260 particpants took part in this fabulous event over the skyline of London. As the wheel completed a revolution, we saluted the sun, airborne. It was the first airborne yoga class in the world!

Fresh from London, I led the Joburg Urban Yoga Series on the pool terrace of the Michelangelo Towers, Sandton.  In Joburg we saluted the sun still, but as it set over Africa.  Stunning!

Clara looking down over London as she leads Carpe Diem Urban Yoga Series, London Eye, May 2006Big Ben as the backdrop for the first airborne yoga class in the world on London Eye, May 2006