Yoga Warrior hosts Coco Van Oppens  
A Workshop on Teaching Children Yoga
Saturday, January 31st 2009
10.30am - 6.30pm

Children are natural yogis: whole, innocent and playful.  Yoga is a gift to children and encourages them to hold on to their childlike mind with its wisdom and beauty.  In today's overload culture, children do not realise (and sometimes nor do adults!) the over-stimulation they receive from constant extra-curricular activities, competitive sports, television, computer games and malls.  Yoga can be a quiet haven for children where they learn ease and relaxation, while strengthening their body and its co-ordination.  Yoga is a non-competitive environment where children can learn to be comfortable with being ME, nurturing their self-esteem, rather than comparing themselves to others and harbouring doubt.

If you are a parent, a teacher, caregiver, or simply someone who connects and wants to work with children you will find this workshop an invaluable tool.  The workshop will include: 

  • How to Teach Children Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Brain Gym
  • Yoga Games
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Creating a Class
  • Healthy Eating
  • Music for children
  • And much more......

Coco Van Oppens is the founder of Little Gurus.  She has a BA from the Brooks Institute, California, USA.  Coco has studied Children's Yoga in Italy (2003), North America (2004), is a Radiant Child certified teacher (RCYP 1 - 3 ), and completed the Radiant Child facilitation course in Australia (2006).   She has also completed Level 1 Certificate from Yoga Kids, Miami.  Coco has studied extensively with one of the most globally loved yoga teachers of children, Shakta Kaur Khalsa ( and Jodi Komitor ( who opened the first dedicated yoga studio in the world for children in New York City.

Coco is nationally recognised as an authority on children's yoga and has taught extensively in schools and other establishments in Johannesburg including St David's Marist Brothers, Saxonwold Primary, St Theresa Mercy and Nkosi's Haven (aids orphanage) to name a few.  She has also led several family yoga holidays to Mozambique in conjunction with Halo Gaia.

Coco lives in Cape Town.

The cost of this full day of teaching will be R950 and will include a 50 page working manual. 

Space is limited.

Prerequisites: No experience of yoga teaching is required though a keen interest or even love of yoga is encouraged for adults and parents to lead by example in teaching our children to follow a healthier lifestyle.  Children will learn from what we do not what we say.

Email Clara to book.