Jim Harrington's YogaSynergy Workshops
June 2nd - 3rd 2012
R950 for entire weekend or R300 per session

Yoga Warrior hosted Jim Harrington's first YogaSynergy workshops in Johannesburg in 2009, now in 2012 we have invited Jim back to take us deeper in to the YogaSynergy style of yoga.  Jim Harrington, owner of Karma Shala Yoga Studio and one of Cape Town's leading yoga teachers, brought YogaSynergy to South Africa from Sydney, Australia and this will be an opportunity for him to share this "intelligent" style of yoga again in Johannesburg.

The unique YogaSynergy style is a dynamic style of yoga based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional hatha yoga. The style has been developed over 30 years by Australian physiotherapists, Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss. YogaSynergy represents a synthesis between Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Tibetan yoga and modern medical science and is like a flowing self-massage, that is very effective in developing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, internal health, energy, grace, meditative bliss and the ability to deal with stress.

Individual workshops are available but the entire weekend is recommended to understand the integration and flow of YogaSynergy.

Saturday, June 2nd 9.30am - 12pm

VINYASA KRAMA: Sense in Sequencing

  • The art and science of intelligent and safe sequencing that brings ease and freedom to the body and leads us toward deeper asana.
  • Some basic principles of alignment that support the safe progression toward mastery of asana. We will use examples of several mini practice routines based on the Yoga Synergy style.
  • These examples will shed light on Yoga Synergy’s method of progressive conditioning toward steady increase in strength, flexibility and asana fitness.  Eventually, Yoga Synergy includes all asana of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary, intermediate and advanced series as well as all the asana in Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar.

Open to all levels of practitioners, from Beginners to Advanced. Modifications of advanced postures will be used where needed.


Saturday, June 2nd 2pm - 4.30pm


BALANCING:  Equanimity - Equal and Opposite Forces


  • To balance on your hands, or even one hand, you don’t need superhuman strength or to know the anatomical names of your muscles. You just need to get them on board in the right way.
  • We will apply some of the alignment keys of the first session and introduce some key tricks balancing on various body parts.
  • Balances on hands, heads, one foot, one hand and forearms.
  • This session will be both fun and informative, using a little anatomical explanation combined with plenty of experimentation.

Bring your sense of adventure.



Sunday, June 3rd 10.30am - 1pm


PRANAYAMA: Inner space meets outer space.


  • A discussion and guided practice of the subtle yoga practices of breathwork and Bandha and meditation.
  • Include Viloma, Nadi Shadona and Kumbakha.
  • In the bright light of day there are shadows and in the darkness there is still starlight.
  • Sensitivity and will, two polarities in yoga practice.
  • A medical scientific perspective on the ancient practices of Bandha, Mudra, and the “wind channels” or Nadis.

This session will include some flowing movement and asana as a preparation for finding stillness in body, mind and breath.



Sunday, June 3rd 2pm - 4.30pm


THE STATE OF FLOW – Leave your mind behind and jump on The Flow Train .


This session will be a culmination of the weekend’s material.


We will begin with a short workshop on getting airborne with ease and feeling the lightness of being. Jump through and float backs in the Surya Namaskar Vinyasa  by utilising Dristi, Prana and Bandha.
Then finish with a “follow the leader” silent practice working towards the “state of flow” where effort reduces and focussed attention balances with blissfulness.


Suitable for those who have attended the whole weekend or experienced intermediate to advanced practitioners.



Jim Harrington's Profile



Jim Harrington is an Australian from Sydney based in Cape Town, South Africa.  He has been practicing, exploring, and teaching yoga for over 20 years. Initially, Jim was drawn to yoga in the 1980’s through his surfing addiction, to stretch out, re-align and to heal injuries sustained in the ocean.

SinceJim's first trip to India in 1987, his yoga practice has been influenced by the Iyengar and Ashtanga vinyasa styles, the more medical Synergy style as well as other mind/body disciplines of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Jim's philosophy on life and yoga are largely shaped by the seven years that he spent in Asia.

It was in Sydney however, that he discovered YogaSynergy.  The practice was more rigorous than anything he had done before.  It involved the detailed approach of the Iyengar Method, and the dynamic meditative flow of the Ashtanga method with respectful and joyful instruction, encouraging one to challenge one's boundaries but also nurture one's inner spirit.  In YogaSynergy the body is a vessel of the spirit to be worked and opened in order to awaken dormant areas in our nervous system and our psyche.  The practice cleanses that which doesn't serve the self anymore, bringing light to our shadow areas.

Jim Harrington was the Senior Teacher at the Moksha Yoga studio in Cape Town, South Africa before its closure and now runs Karma Shala Yoga Studio in Gardens.   He has helped hundreds of people make yoga a part of their lives.  He is an internationally recognized Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer, and conducts workshops and courses in Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Synergy Yoga style. He has diplomas in Remedial and Sports Therapies.

 Jim in Parsvottanasana at Llandudno copyright www.wildwoodburn.com