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June 4th - 6th 2010 Yoga Warrior presents a weekend intensive:
An Introduction to Meditation
with Jennifer Woodhull

Yoga Warrior will be hosting Jennifer Woodhull, the leading Shambhala Teacher in South Africa to lead this introductory meditation intensive.
The human mind is naturally open, alert and relaxed. Meditation reconnects us with that fundamental state of tranquil awareness. Common to all authentic spiritual traditions, it has also proven a powerful aid to stress release and medical recovery. The steady practice of meditation helps us stabilise, clarify and strengthen our minds.

At this weekend retreat, Jennifer Woodhull offers an in-depth introduction to the basic practice of meditation. The schedule includes thorough instruction in both sitting and walking meditation; talks on the function and practice of meditation; opportunities to discuss your own experience of the training; suggestions on how to establish and sustain a personal practice; and plenty of meditation. Both beginners and experienced practitioners will be enriched by this opportunity to train with this knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. 

The Teacher

Jennifer Woodhull is a close student of Pema Chodron, American nun and Buddhist teacher, whose popular books include When Things Fall Apart, The Places That Scare You and No Time to Lose.  Jennifer has studied and practised for 25 years in the Shambhala lineage of Ani Pema's teacher Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, and has taught in the United States and South Africa.  She has a special interest in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, which emphasise everyday experiences as opportunities to wake up.  Jennifer lives in Cape Town.

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Structure of the Weekend at Yoga Warrior's Rosebank Studio:

Friday:         6.45pm - 7.45pm
Saturday:     11am - 6pm    
Sunday:       11am - 6pm

On Saturday & Sunday there will be a 1 hour lunch break that will be taken at an appropriate moment during the afternoon.

If you have a meditation cushion or bench, please bring it along.

here will be a nominal charge for this weekend of R250 which will cover Jennifer's travel and food expenses and the rental of special meditation cushions over the weekend.


There is traditionally no charge for the Buddha's teachings, simply because they are priceless ….  Thus, teachers rely on the generosity (Sanskrit: dana) of those receiving the teachings. Dana is entirely voluntary. If you do choose to contribute, it’s suggested that you base the amount on (1) the value of the teachings to you; and (2) your personal practice of generosity. The Buddha’s central instruction for the relief of suffering is to let go of attachment. From this perspective, the amount you offer is a reflection of your letting-go practice.