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David Jacobs Weekend Workshop May 2008   David Jacobs Workshop May 2008

"David is a natural born teacher who brings out the best in all his students. He has the ability to get under your skin and make you fully aware of your body and state of mind. He is vigorous, authoritative, and some say relentless. Yet by the same token humorous, extremely perceptive and caring. His workshops are much talked about and for good reason. He generates a feeling of connectedness and group spirit even among large crowds and challenges us to go beyond our perceived limits. Not only do you feel elated and fully stretched in all compartments, but you will walk away having learned a myriad of innovative and creative approaches to improve your own practice or teaching methods. He might even sow the seeds of a life-long yoga practice in you – something he certainly did for me."   
Lars Krüger, Yoga Warrior Iyengar Teacher

Yoga Warrior had a fabulous weekend in May 2008 when we hosted David Jacobs, the most senior male Iyengar Teacher in South Africa over the weekend of May 23rd - 25th.   The photos included on this page are a summary of the postures, characters and improvisations featured.

David Jacobs Workshop May 2008   David Jacobs Workshop May 2008

 David Jacobs Workshop May 2008  David Jacobs Workshop May 2008
 David Jacobs Workshop May 2008

David Jacobs Workshop May 2008