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Peaceful Warrior Workshop with Clara
September 6th 3-5pm
All donations will go to South Africa Yoga Trust

"Make of yourself a light....."
Mary Oliver

On the second anniversary of Yoga Warrior having opened it's first dedicated studio, Clara invites all Yoga Warriors to come and explore the meaning of Warrior in the yoga context.  The spiritual concept of warriorship has been significant across the ages and is no less important today across the globe and at home within Jozi itself.  Warriorship is a continuous journey in life, of human bravery and fearlessness.

Come on this experiential journey and walk your own path to a peaceful warrior within.  Find what veils the light that is shining in your heart.

Alongside this celebrate the warm community we all share at Yoga Warrior, recognising the tremendous opportunity for growth and transformation this offers for us personally, but also for our wider communities as yoga invites us to be beacons of light, spreading the love and living the life of a peaceful warrior.

Workshop will include discussion, asana practice and reflection
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