Adina's Soul Dance

Resuming in 2010

R90 to drop in or Dance Class Card Packages
(Yoga Warrior yoga packages do not apply)

Souldance is a freestyle dance class drawing on the work of Gabrielle Roth and the Five Rhythms, Authentic Movement and Marion Woodman’s image-based bodywork. The class is facilitated by Adina Roth. She uses easy guidelines for the participants plus live drumming and contemporary and indigenous forms of music to wake each body up to its full potential and move into a space of deep ecstasy.  Souldance is for anyone who loves movement. It helps people transcend crippling barriers of self-consciousness and shyness and come to express ‘their deepest selves’ and have a lot of fun at the same time! 

Practicalities: Wear comfortable clothes, bring a bottle of water and be prepared to dance barefoot.

What dancers in the class have to say:

"Adina's Souldance is more than a dance class, it is healing for the mind body and soul.  Adina provides an open and safe space with gently delineated guidelines and amazing sourcings of music in which one is freed up to move and express your body and innermost being in a way that you need to in the given moment.  Coming out of the classes, one feels like one has just completed an exercise class, meditative session and therapy session in one.  A highly recommendable experience, your week is not complete without it!"  Oriana Levin

"I have spent about 3 years dancing with Adina and from the first moment, realised that this would be life-changing for me. It has transformed the way I feel about my body and my life, freed me up in many ways and transported me to some deep and powerful spiritual experiences.  In the dance I feel ageless and limitless."    Jackie Said

'Adina's souldance class grounds me and energises me. It focuses my intentions and brings me into a shamanic space. Every week I finish the class feeling more and more myself - this class  offers transformation for mind and body!' Shannon Walbran, Spirit Guide interpreter